The process of moving can be stressful enough without having to worry about  cleaning. Let us provide you a high quality service. You decide whether you want the  whole house cleaned or just parts of it, and we’ll work as quickly as possible through each  area. Please call for pricing


Window Cleaning

You want your house to look at its best, and after the architect, designer and contractor are all done with their part, all you need is to contact us.  We’ll give the place the final touch so you can enjoy your new remodel/addition. Please call for pricing

Window Cleaning

We have window-cleaning solutions for every kind of home. We, however, only clean windows within reach. Please call for pricing

Customized Cleaning

Spring or not, there's a good chance your home needs a good throughout cleaning. Contact us, and get a fresh start. Please call for pricing

Move In/Out Cleaning
Spring Cleaning


      We provide a wealth of services to make your home shine! Please contact us at 510-575-3626 for a quote on whatever services you desire.

Mop Riders - Residential Housecleaning

Having a clean and tidy house is always a thing to consider when you’re planning a birthday party, a get-together with friends, a black tie or when in-laws are coming to visit. Let us eliminate the pressure of cleaning your house. We can take care of your home before and/or after the special event so that you can focus on the actual event planning. Please call for pricing

       Your satisfaction is our main concern. We want to make sure that you are no less than 100% satisfied every time we clean your home. If you are not happy with our cleaning performance, please call us within 24 hours and we will come back to fix the oversight.

Special Event Cleaning

                 We know that sometimes you need extra items cleaned that are not included in the regular basis cleaning like the inside of the refrigerator or the blinds. We’ll be happy to take care of these items for an extra something. Our most popular requests include: inside of the oven, tops and interiors of cupboards, detailing the woodwork, polishing wood furniture, detailing windows and sliding doors and tracks. If you the item you want is not listed above, please ask, we’ll do our best to accommodate your needs.

Post Construction Cleaning

Gift Certificates

Move In/Out Cleaning 

Customized Cleaning

Spring cleaning